About The Game

“OH, SHIP!” — The spaceship is under lockdown, and our scientist hero, the VR player, is on the wrong side of the ship’s containment, where oxygen levels are dwindling. With the help of their 2D crew members, who safely reside on the other side of the seal, the VR player must collaboratively navigate the ship’s winding corridors and locked doors to rejoin their crew. As the journey progresses, they discover the cause of the lockdown threatens not only the VR player’s isolation, but the ship’s occupants as a whole. The VR player and 2D videoconference players must work together to solve a series of puzzles, avoid setbacks from the ship’s well-meaning drones, and wrangle the ship’s rescued MOOPS (an adorable but clumsy space creature) in order to return the ship to proper functioning, deactivate lockdown and enjoy reunion with their crew.